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Please note:

The machines listed in this LIST are just a few of which are available. If you need a machine, which is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will immediately try to find a machine, which meet your requirements.
 Our full range of supply you will also find on OUR homepage.

Actual list of available used machinery

  JUNI/JUNE 2020













 Our Ref. 3580-2

Paper Bag Making Machine

Model  Manzoni Seriana 31, made in Italy
for production of flat and satchel paper bags, e.g. for bread”

Year 2004

4 flexo printing units in line
- Material: from 30 to 120 g/sqm.
- Unwind: max. diameter 1000 mm
- Reel width: max: 1000 mm
- Bag width: 100 to 320 mm + gusseting
- Bag length: 200 to 650 mm
- Maximum speed up to 500 pcs/min. depending of paper and printing
- Power: 6,5 kw, 380 V.

- approx.. dimension: 2000 mm wide, 6000 mm long

Included are several forming plates.

Included are several printing cylinders

Visible in production and immediately available.

The machine is in excellent condition.

PRICE: on request



NEW - First aid plaster strip making machine
Model DC-306NR:

1. Tension of material controlled automatically by LOADCELL.
2. A number of servo motors on the machine are precisely
   synchronized for revolving.
3. HMI (Human Machine Interface) and touch panel adopted on this
   machine make positioning of product much easier.
4. Perforating, Shaping, sealing, etc. are done by cutting roller.
   And products are possible to be made in various shapes.
5. Waste after shaping are smoothly collected and sucked into the
   drum by pump to achieve better production process.
6. Machine will automatically stop as soon as running out of
   material is detected by auto sensor.
7. Machine designed in upright position to facilitate the
   operating for production. And it is easy to change for making
   different specification of products and also very easy to do
   regular maintenance.

PRICE: on request

Our ref. E-4448-A

welded PP plastic pocket and cut back folder machines, 5pcs
1. Widmann HD-4 021-E 20    1989
2. Widmann HD-4 021-E 20    1993
3. Widmann HD-4 021-E 20    1990
4. Widmann HD-4 021-E 20    1989
5. Widmann HD-5 090 023      1995

PP Flat-file machines, 3pcs
1. Widmann 041-E20    1992
2. Widmann 20.3.10      1983
3. Widmann 20.3.10      1987

Price and information on request


Ref. No. E-4405-2
Folder/Gluer BOBST PCR 930

Universal folder-gluer for folding carton boxes

Convertible stock Solid up to 700 g/m2
Corrugated. up to B flute
Thickness 8 mm

Sizes: standard boxes (blanks open) Width max 930 mm
Width min 68 mm
Length max 900 mm
Length min 60 mm

Drive System Inching speed m/min
Operating speed 30 - 350 m/min
Main motor 18.4 kW
Connected load 37 kVA

Dimensions Length 13600 mm
Width 2100 mm
Height 1470 mm
Weight 7300 kg

PRICE: ex site.....on request

Our Ref. No. E-4405-1

Refurbished 1995 BOBST AV3 Autovariable
BOBST AV3 Autovariable printing and die-cutting machine
refurbished in 1995,
that can be tested in production, located in Europe.
The machine has 4 litho (offset) printing units and can
die-cut till  500×700 mm maximum size at a
maximum speed of 6000 sheets per hour.
The maximum reel width is 700 mm and the cardboard grammage range is between 300 gr and 650 gr.
Please a video:  https://youtu.be/2vynsgKw-Y4
The line can be seen in production.

PRICE: ex works.....onrequest


Our Ref. E-4454

Fully automatic Exercise book making machine
model BIELOMATIK P 390

Year 1971
Max. mechanical speed: 350 m/min (according to manufacturer)
Max reel width 700mm
Suitable for 3-up production (F5/A5)
1st automatic change reel stand
2nd automatic change reel stand
-    automatic web edge control
Ruling tower with 6 print units (2x 3 colours)
(1st Ruling tower with 2 recto and 2verso inking units)
(2nd Ruling tower 2/2)
Counting and collating
1st  sheet feeder  
2nd sheet feeder
3rd sheet feeder
-   folding
-   stitching unit with 6 stitching heads
-   back pressing
-   trimming of long edge
-   trimming of short edges
-   corner rounding
-   alternate stacking of books
-   Delivery of finished books.

All available spare parts and cylinders
Electrical plans

Price on request.

Our Ref. E-4309
RULING machine model BIELOMATIK 98
2 Unwinds
Maximum roll width 1200 mm,
2 flexo printing units,
2 disc ruling machines,
1 inserter for front cover sheets,
1 inserter for back cover sheets,
Speed: up to 300 m/h.
Measures of the line: 1300 mm (W), 4000 mm (L), 2000 (H).
The machine is dismantled in a good store.

PRICE: on request

Ref. No. E-4260
E.C.H. WILL ROTEX TRI Exercise Book Machine
built 1994
roll width 101 cm
unwind printing tower 4 printing units (2 cover + 2 back)

reel Stand
ruling tower
collating and counting
back pressing
trimming long edge
trimming short edge

machine is in production
excellent condition

PRICE: on Request

Our Ref. E-4316  


Year around 1980

The machine is online with:

Flexo Ruling – Cross Cutter Sheeting – Counting – Stitching – Folding – Square Back – Long Trim – Short Trim to single up – Output conveyor.

Additionally it has a Round Corner punching unit and it can make also A 6 size Basic specification:

- Reel width 1000mm

- Speed 100mtr/min

- 4 flexo + 4 disc ruling units

- 8 pcs stitching unit for 4ups production This machine is in good condition, running well with periodic maintenance….test possible


PRICE: on request


Our. Ref. No. E-4427
KAMPF KS 106 GL slitter rewinder
Year: 1998
.          good technical and optical condition
.          available: immediately
.          working width: max. 1.600 mm
.          unwind diameter: max. 1.000 mm
.          2 x rewinds
.          rewind diameter each max. 600 mm
.          speed: min. 50m/min. and max. 400 m/min.
.          for all kinds of film
.          min. 20 µ and max. 240 µ
.          web guide control

Reduced price ex works:  on request

The machine can be seen in operation.

PRICE: on request

Ref. No. E-4307


Year: not known
working width 1250 mm
Unwind max. diameter 1250 mm

Rewind max. diameter 1000 mm

min. cutting width 20 mm
available: immediately
mounting shaft: 76, 120 mm
unwind shaft: 2 x 76, 100mm

PRICE: ....on request

Ref. No. E-4491

KAMPF Rollenschneider/Slitter/Rewinder  – top condition
Arbeitsbreite/working width: 1800 mm
Abwicklung/Winding: 1000mm Durchmesser
Aufwicklung/Rewind: 600 mm Durchmesser
Geschwindigkeit/Speed: 400 m/min;
4 individuelle Stationen mit Steuerung für jedes Wickelarmpaar
2 zusätzlicheWickelarmpaare vorhanden
Bahnführung ; auch für Folie mit Steuerstreifen
Hülsenaufnahme 76mm und 152mm für Aufwicklung /Abwicklung
Wickelarmabsenkung hydraulisch
Achslose Abwicklung mit hydraulischer Hebevorrichtung
und doppelseitig geregelte pneumatische Bremsen
Schneidvorrichtung für Klingen und Tellermesser (Rundmesser)
PREIS:  ex site Germany... on request


Ref: No. E-4195

 CUT SIZE SHEETER Model Bielomatik P 22 02 
 to produce A4 paper in reams 

Techn. specification:
2 reel stands
shaftless slitter with 3 slitting knives
convo cross cutter for DIN A 4
overlapping counting and stacking of sheets
transfer to right in running direction
delivery of finished reams
reel width max 520 mm
speed 400m/min
output max. 10 reams per minute

PRICE: on request

Our Ref.; E-4470-1
Cut size sheeting line Model Bielomatik P22-02

Year 2011

Technical Data:

Diameter of mother roll                      - max. 1400 mm
Paper width                                                       960 mm
Paper weight                                      - min. 40 g/m², - max 160 g/m²
Production speed                              - max. 550 m/min.
Cutting frequency                               - max. 2000/min. depending on cut-off-size
Cutting tolerance                                +/- 0,15 mm / 0,006”
Ream height                                       - min. 10 mm (or 1000 sheets), - max. 127 mm (5”)
Reams                                                - max. 20/min.

Price:......... on request.

The machine can be inspected in operation!.

Ref. No. E-4486



Manufacturing Year    1976

Paper width mm         1150     

Speed m/min                250    

Max unwind.               1500       


Complete A4-Line with wrapping line


Five reel unwinding stand

lifting carriage from floor level

reel centering cart in the floor

Over head paper transfer, five paper web decurlers


Main Will machine

Punching unit for holes, DIN 2, DIN 4, as well as Scandinavian standards

Slitting station with six slitters

trim suction with trim fan

Dust removal

Syncro Fly rotary cutting head set up for cutting length of 297 mm

(max rotary 1000 cuts per min)

Max knife load 420 gsm

Paper delivery in 5 pockets

PLC-Siemens S-7 300, added in 2009

Main drive: AC motor 30 Kw with Vacon VFD


possibility to add a cover sheet


Wrapmatic A4 ream wrapper for up to 25 reams per minute

Nordson gluing station.

Unwinding stand for either paper or plastic, cutting with "cut to print" possible

Heat sealing at exit of wrapper

PLC - Siemens S7-300

Label machine


Possibility to bypass ream wrapper to put directly in boxes


Stacker, made Will

Type ACCU-25, made in 1993

rebuilt with safety gates in 2004

PLC- Siemens S7-300


Cartoniser - Made by Meco Pack AB (Sweden)

Carton box maker and lid making boxing machine

Made in 1996

Label machine at exit, also with possibility for ink marking


Mosca strapping machine

with one turning table before and one after.

Able to put one or two straps, either cross or lengthwise.

Siemens PLC


Palletising machine

Automatic with possibility for several different patterns of palletising.

Made by Leng in 2004, (Sweden)


The line is still in operation.

Available immediately.


See video under:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/7n3m0jk6u39h989/K13-81.mp4?dl=0


  PRICE: ex works EUROPE….....on request


Please note that it is a SYNCHRO SHEETER with rotating upper- and bottom knife cylinders,

maybe it is the only one available in the market!


Our ref. E-4462


year of manufacture:  2013
Technical Data
Reel stands:
2 reel stands with powder brake c/w manual controller
2 sets of paper reel shafts c/w gear and chuck
shaft diameters: 76 mm
manual lateral adjustment
max. paper reel diameter: 1100
max. paper web width: 845 mm
The infeed, slitting and stabilizing section:
it consists of 2 infeed steel drums and 1 rubber nip roller
5 sets of slitting knife assembly and 1 air blower
slitting unit: fixed
bottom knife material: high speed
top knife material: high speed
Cross cutter:
top and bottom rotary sheeting knives
knife load max: 300 g/m² / min.: 50 g/m²
bottom knife material: carbide
top knife material: carbide
Paper delivery and collecting section:
overlapping sheet delivery system
ream counting by front finger inserting system
auto ream stacking and side delivery
Cutting speed:
number of reams per minute: +/- 5 to 6 reams /A4 – 500 shhets)
Electrical Specification: 15 hp – 3 phase. 415V, 50 Hz drive motor
1 operation control panel and switches.

Price: ....on request


Ref. No. E-4197


year 2003
unwinder shaftless 3“-6“
max. reel width   1460 mm
reel max. weight   2000 kg
core reel diameter   74 to 150 mm
max. reel diam.   1520 mm
min. cut length   400 mm
max. cut length   1460 mm
weight of the paper pallet  1400 kg
max. hight of the pile (incl. pallet) 1400 mm
max. speed    300 sheets/min
max. load    600 gsm
cut accuracy    +/- 0,5 mm
installed electric power  26 kW
sound/noise level   81 dB(A)
overall dimensions   4,1 x 17 m
max. sheeter weight   19.800 kgs

Machine can be seen in production.

PRICE: on request

Our Ref. No. E-4332

year 1978 but, modernized 2018

- max. web width 2100 mm
- 4 unwinds,
- max. unwind roll diameter 1600 mm,
- max. knife load 1000 g/m²

Price:  on request

The machine can be inspected running.

Ref. No. E-4494


Synchro sheeter (duel knife) suitable to 1000gsm material thickness

1450mm web width

2x shafted unwind stands (each with 2x positions, so 4x rolls total possible)

Gantry hoist for roll loading

Motorised decurler with edge guide on each unwind position

Web tension controls on each unwind position

3x slitting knives (Tidland) with plough and dividers (up to 600gsm thickness)

Edge trim system

Reject gate

Zero speed pallet change system

1500mm max pile height

300m/min run speed (subject to sheet length and material thickness)

2x ink pad count markers

All assorted manuals and electrical diagrams


Machine is in excellent condition in North America, in production and ready for trials.


Price. .....on request


Ref. No. E-4335-1+2
We offer these two nice synchro sheeters FUJIMAKI 2550F-SOLG and DOLG-2R.
In the attachment there are 2 very detailed specifications.
The owners need to empty the space and there are only willing to sell
them together.
As you can understand from the specifications (always page 4) both
have top- and bottom rotating knives, model 2550F-DOLG-2R has even
two sheeting units.
The year is 2007.

Very low price for both machines together: on request

Our Ref. E-4476


Sheeter model SHM Accutec 1450DK


Year 2000

1450mm width

Twin motor.

Cut to register.

Single rotary knife.

Dead-knife sheeter.

2x shaftless floor pickup unwinds, 1800mm dia. rolls. + 2x 1100mm diameter shafted stand.

Overhead carrier.

Auto tension control.

4x Tidland shear cut slitter knives.

Overlapper to layboy.

For paper, board, foils & films.

Total knife load of 500 gsm.

High-speed configuration.

Maximum web width 1400mm.

400mm to 1500mm cutoff.

Speed up to 200 m/min.

Maximum pile height 1520 mm.

Maximum pile weight 3000 kg.

Set up on the plant floor, has been sheeting paper.

High-speed tapes.

Multi-sheet reject system, pneumatically operated.

Multi-sheet reject gate.

Has overlap module.

1500mm pile height on layboy. 2500 kg maximum on layboy.

2x tab inserters.

Accutec can convert a wide range of materials, including lightweight paper stock, board, foil & film.

Accuracy of cutoff +/- .5mm, +/- .02”.

Maximum 500 cuts per minute.

Maximum knife load, dead knife, single web, 400 gsm. Multi-web, 500 gsm.

(in older catalogues is written: max. knife load 500 gsm also for single web)


Price: ex works ....on request


The machine can be inspected in operation.

Our Ref. E-4447

JAGENBERG Synchro AS 116
Width: 1700 mm
Year: 1980
Speed: max 150 m/min
Grammage: 50-250 gsm (coated and natural)
Length: max 1400 mm, min 600 mm
N. 2 longitudinal knives
Max parent roll diameter: 1400 mm
Round platform with 6+6 unwind stands
Coating of the roll of recent renovation
Motor voltage: 400V
Some spare parts available
Visible in operation

Price: ....on request

Our Ref.No. E-4470-3

Compact Folio SheeterModel BIELOMATIK CSF 105

Year 2012

Unwind Roll Diameter            min. 500 mm/ max. 1530 mm (60“)
Roll width                                min. 400 mm/ max. 1050 mm
Roll weight                              max. 2000 kg
Production speed                   max. 300 m/min.
Cuts per minute                      max. 366 (or 22.000 sheets/h
Grammage                             60 - 300 g/m²
Cutting tolerance                    +/- 0,3 mm (< 760 mm)
                                                +/- 0,5 mm (> 760 mm)
Cutting angle tolerance          +/- 0,5 mm (on 1000 mm)
Sheet lengths                         min.  400 mm / max. 1200 mm
Stack height incl. pallet          1200 mm
Stack weight on platform       2000 kgCondition: excellent.

Condition: excellent
Can be inspected in operation.
Available immediately.

Price......... on request.

Ref. No. E-4494

year 2001

Synchro sheeter (duel knife) suitable to 1000gsm material thickness
1450mm web width
2x shafted unwind stands (each with 2x positions, so 4x rolls total possible)
Gantry hoist for roll loading
Motorised decurler with edge guide on each unwind position
Overlap Tail Blowdown
Web tension controls on each unwind position
3x slitting knives (Tidland) with plough and dividers (up to 600gsm thickness)
Edge trim system
Reject gate
Zero speed pallet change system
1500mm max pile height
300m/min run speed (subject to sheet length and material thickness)
2x ink pad count markers
All assorted manuals and electrical diagrams

Machine is in excellent condition in North America, in production and ready for trials.

PRICE: …..on request

Ref. No. E-4471

year of construction 1978
reconditioned in 2019
max. working  width 2300mm
4 unwind stands for rolls with big diameter 1600 mm

The machine can be demonstrated in operation till end of January 2020.

Available: immediately


Ref. No. E-4494

•    1650mm (65”) 2 web ECON Sheeter
•    Dual Rotary ECON Knife with Diverter and Shingler section
•    Integrated Slitter 1 Pocket
•    Web Aligners (qty 2)
•    Idle Roll Delivery System with 2 Web capability, Powered Positioning Decurlers (qty 2)
•    Roll Diameter Tension Control – 2 web
•    1800mm (70.90”) diameter ECON Dual Side Shaftless Roll Stands (qty 1) Manual Trolleys (new tracks required)
•    Stacker with Scissor LIft Table 1524mm (60”) Stack Height
•    Wire and Wireway provided AS-IS. Dependent upon removal
•    Prints and Manuals provided
•    Warranty not included

PRICE: ....on request

Ref. No. E-4435

Longitudinal/Transverse SHEETER 
Year: 1988.
working width : 1600 mm

 Multiple roll unwinder( 6pcs)
Typ: KM
Working width: 1600 mm
Max width of roll: 1700 mm
Min width of roll:  400 mm
Max. diametar of roll: Ø 1300 mm
Min. diametar of roll: Ø 100 mm
Max. weight of roll: 25kN
Max speed: 300m/min
Weight of paper: 50-200 g/m²

can be seen in operation

PRICE: ...on request


Ref.No. E-3926-1
Paper bag making machine

Model Windmüller&Hölscher EXTRA EX Type DM 521

bag capacity 6000 g
2 colour flexo
max. dimension of bag: width 30 cm
                                         length 46 cm

PRICE: on request

Ref. No. E-4490-1+2
Tokyopack type 45(260-450)
paper bag making machine with no winkle device, mid of 1980’S
-It is still in running

Tokyopack type 22(120-240) paper bag making machine , mid of 1980’S
-It is still in running

Price : on request
Ref. No. E-4438

The machine is equipped with three color printer IF 525, 100 cm wide.
Year of production machine and printer: 1991
Range of manufactured dimensions:
Width from 70 to 380 mm
Cut-off length from 160 to 680 mm
Machine is 100% original, it is in very good condition.
Machine has factory documentation.
Format rails: 115, 140, 150, 155 mm
Printing cylinders and format wheels:
    330mm – 3pcs.
    340mm – 3 pcs.
    400mm – 1pcs.
    460mm – 3pcs.
    600mm – 3pcs.
Enclosed photos.
Machine is in really nice conditions and it is in promtply delivery.

Price: ex works....on request

Ref. No. E-4472
W&H Triumph III cross bottom

Beutelbreite/bagwidth: 120 – 260mm
Schlauchlänge/length: 240 – 900mm
Bodenbreitebottom width: 70 – 150mm
Geschwindigkeit/Speed   bis zu 200 Beutel/min.
2 Farben/colour Druckwerk/printing unit
Doppelte Abwicklung für 2 lagige Beutel mit Punktklebung/double unwind for 2laer bags with gluing
Bodenblatt Einheit
6 Formbleche

Price: ....on request


Ref. No. E-4229

Slitting- and rewinding machine for cash register rolls

Model Goebel PRACTIKA H3

- 1 unwind with automatic brake

- Working width max. 1.000 mm
- max. paper diameter at unwind 1.000 mm
- inner core diameter of unwind  70 mm or 3"
- rewind shafts (inner diameter of- cores of finished rolls)  12 mm and  1"
- minimum slitting width 17  mm
- edge trim, minimum   3 - 5 mm
- automatic core loader
- automatic cross cut of finished rolls
- automatic tucking of the new rolls
- automatic programmable  meter-setter/counter
- electrical cabinet: Siemens
- warning stripe printing unit
- electric lift for mother roll

Suitable for all papers, e.g. wood free, recycling, thermal papers, etc.

Capacity: cycle time approx. 50 - 60 seconds per log.

Depending of type and length of paper

machine can be seen in operation.

PRICE: on request

Ref.: E-4463

La Meccanica Monza model TRL 1000


- max. width of mother roll                         1000 mm

- max. diameter of mother roll                  1000 mm

- max. outer diameter of finished rolls    230 mm


End stripe marking device.

Several rewinding shafts and slitting knives.


The machine is still in operation.


Low Price: ......on request

Our Ref. E-4450
Lemu BSA – 112/1100

Year of manufacture: 2005
Machine Model: Semiautomatic Slitter-Rewinder BSA
Grammage to be used: 40 – 120 gr / m2
Parent roll Max. Width: 1100 mm
Parent rolls Max. Diameter: 1200 mm
Parent roll interior diameter: 70 – 76 mm

Type: BSA
Grammage to be used: 40 – 120 gr / m2
Maximum web width: 1100 mm
Max rewind diameter: 125mm with bar ø > 22/200mm with bar ø<22
Min rewind diameter: 35 mm
Core diameter: 15 – 32 mm
Min slitting width: 37mm
Max Speed: 310 m/min
2 x flexo units with accumulator for continuous print
Operating Language: English
Print Cylinders: 2 x 380mm repeat and 2 x 480mm repeat


• Lemu roll separator & flattening device
• Semipack sealer and shrink tunnel

Machine can be inspected in full operation!

Available immediately.

PRICE: ex works …..on request

Our ref. No. E-4448

Plotter and cash register (ATM) rolls

Brand: Officina Meccanica Maglio, model OMM

The following parts are included with the machine:

- automatic core loader,
- hydraulic lifting of mother rolls
- electronic cycle counter

- maximum width at unwind: 1050mm
- core diameter of jumbo rolls: 70/76mm
- minimum width of mother rolls: 460mm
- max. diameter of mother rolls: 1100mm
- max. outside diameter of finished rolls: 300mm
- max. slitting width: 250mm
- min. slitting width 17.4mm
 (New knife holders with 10mm thickness and can produce rolls with min. width 15mm)
- core inside diameter - min. 11.5mm, max. 76mm
- automatic warning stripe at reel ends
- trim removal system for removing trim from both sides of the web complete with motor fan and necessary piping

- Press to make reel ends flat
- packing machine

The complete line can be inspected in full production.
Presently they are using 48gsm thermo paper with web width 920mm

PRICE: on request

Ref. No. E-4488

Cash Register roll machine model FMI
made in France
year 1991

2 unwinds max. width 660 mm
automatic core loader
2 unwinds
automatic tacking
automatic cross cut-off
warning stripes
aut. delivery

Price: ....on request

Ref no. E-4304
Slitting- and rewinding machine for cash register rolls
Model Goebel PRACTICA H3

- 1 unwind with automatic brake 
- Working width max. 1.000 mm
- max. paper diameter at unwind 1.200 mm
- shaftless unwind with cones for 70 mm or 3" (76 mm) and 120 mm.
- rewind shafts –
max. rewind diameter 600 mm!
- minimum slitting width 17  mm
- edge trim, minimum   3 - 5 mm
- automatic programmable  meter-setter/counter
- electrical cabinet: Siemens
- warning stripe printing unit
Suitable for all papers, e.g. wood free, recycling, thermal papers, etc.
Capacity: cycle time approx. 50 - 60 seconds per log.
Depending of type and length of paper
Very good condition.
Can be demonstrated in operation.

PRICE: .....on request