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Please note:

The machines listed in this LIST are just a few of which are available. If you need a machine, which is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will immediately try to find a machine, which meet your requirements.
 Our full range of supply you will also find on OUR homepage.

Actual list of available used machinery

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 Ref. No. A-3528-1
FLEXO printing machine HONSEL
year 1965
4 colours/ printing units
max. printing width 80 cm
Roll - Roll
Printing cylinder repeat 34 cm - 4 pcs
Available immediately
machine is dismantled on store

PRICE: LOC/LOT AUSTRIA..............EUR 17.500,--



NEW - First air plaster strip making machine
Model DC-306NR:

1. Tension of material controlled automatically by LOADCELL.
2. A number of servo motors on the machine are precisely
   synchronized for revolving.
3. HMI (Human Machine Interface) and touch panel adopted on this
   machine make positioning of product much easier.
4. Perforating, Shaping, sealing, etc. are done by cutting roller.
   And products are possible to be made in various shapes.
5. Waste after shaping are smoothly collected and sucked into the
   drum by pump to achieve better production process.
6. Machine will automatically stop as soon as running out of
   material is detected by auto sensor.
7. Machine designed in upright position to facilitate the
   operating for production. And it is easy to change for making
   different specification of products and also very easy to do
   regular maintenance.

PRICE: on request

Ref. no. E-4060
year 1996
Mechanical cycles: 14 per minute
Operator required: 1 operator on ream feed + service for pallet change
Paper weight: 70 to 400 g/m²
Max weight / reams: 40 kg

Wrapping Unit: Kraft, polyethylene, paraffin etc. …
- Paper Basis weight : 80 to 120 g/m²
- Number of rolls : 1 to 4 with max external diameter of 1000 mm
- Max roll width : 650 – 1600 mm
- Core diameter : 3 “
- Max cutting capacity on edges : 250 mm for each edges

Glue data:
- Working T°C : 150 to 180 °C
- Drying time : 3 to 4 seconds
- Viscosity : 600 to 1200 cPs
- Heating time : 45 to 60 minutes

Ream dimensions:
- Width : 420 to 1000 mm
- Length : 530 to 1300 mm
- Height : min 18 mm – max 80 mm
- Max. Pallet Height: 1800 mm

Maximum load : 2000 kg

Power supply: 380V +N+G 50 Hz
- Max Power consumption installed : 20 Kw
- Max consumption : 10 Kw

Compressed air supply: 6 to 7 bar
- Consumption : 400 Nlt/min
- Located in : Italy

The machine will be delivered overhauled and supplied with following service
included :

- PLC replacement of existing Siemens S5 to Siemens S7-300. (upgrade)
- operator panel replacement with new panel touch screen (upgrade)
- mechanically overhauled
- conveyor belt replacement
- toothed belt replacement
- electrically overhauled
- pneumatic solenoid replacement from 110volt to 24 volts (upgrade)
- flexible air hose replacement
- replaced all fittings air hose connection
- partial painting
- supervising for installation, operation tests, operator training
- technical documentation included as far as available

PRICE: FCA Italy,  incl. installation: on request
See video under:    http://youtu.be/xazgVyx8Zt8



Our Ref. E-4309
RULING machine model BIELOMATIK 98
2 Unwinds
Maximum roll width 1200 mm,
2 flexo printing units,
2 disc ruling machines,
1 inserter for front cover sheets,
1 inserter for back cover sheets,
Speed: up to 300 m/h.
Measures of the line: 1300 mm (W), 4000 mm (L), 2000 (H).
The machine is dismantled in a good store.

PRICE: on request

Ref. No. E-4260
E.C.H. WILL ROTEX TRI Exercise Book Machine
built 1994
roll width 101 cm
unwind printing tower 4 printing units (2 cover + 2 back)

reel Stand
ruling tower
collating and counting
back pressing
trimming long edge
trimming short edge

machine is in production
excellent condition

PRICE: on Request

Our Ref. E-4316  


Year around 1980

The machine is online with:

Flexo Ruling – Cross Cutter Sheeting – Counting – Stitching – Folding – Square Back – Long Trim – Short Trim to single up – Output conveyor.

Additionally it has a Round Corner punching unit and it can make also A 6 size Basic specification:

- Reel width 1000mm

- Speed 100mtr/min

- 4 flexo + 4 disc ruling units

- 8 pcs stitching unit for 4ups production This machine is in good condition, running well with periodic maintenance….test possible


PRICE: on request


Ref. E-4250

Year of production :  1983
- for the cutting of  paper to rolls  to the  paper cores 
- max  is possiblie to cut  9 rolls
- the rolls of  different  widths,  set up  by  circular  knifes  by  5 mm.
- max  working speed  800 m/min
- for rewinding  of papers  in  range  gramage  60 – 300 g/m2
- comlete  technical documentation
- possible  to see  in  operation
Technical specification:
- working width                             max 2240 mm
- max nr. of  circular blades         9
- widths of  rolls                             20 – 224cm
- diameter of  rolls                        max 125 cm
- dia. of core                                 70-75-766-100-120-150-200mm
- set up of rolls                              by 5 mm
- install input                                  115,7 kW
- current                                         212,9 A
- main engine                                440 V ss
- control  voltage                          1 + PEN , 50 Hz, 220V
See a short video of this machine under: https://youtu.be/Tn9vWBpEgUE

PRICE: best price at request !!

Our Ref. No. E-4418
Fully automatic slitting-and rewinding machine for PLOTTER ROLLS


Year / Modell:                                1989 / rebuild to plotter 1998
Web width                                      51,69’’ / 1270mm
Max. unwind dia. Ø:                        39,37’’ / 1000mm
Max. rewind dia. Ø:                        7,87’’ /   200mm          
Max. width master bobb.:              1330 mm
Max. weight master bobb. :          1400 kg                      
Core diameter unwinding :                    70 / 76mm

Dimensions  KPW:  L=5100mm /H=2600mm /B=4400 mm /G=7500kg

Varnish RAL:  green / grün RAL 6011

Shaftless unwinder
Core hopper  station, podium
Automatic Surface winder
tape dispenser, automated core-loader with 2 lines          

Unwinder:             Chucks     2,75“ / 3“                    
Rewinder:             Winding shafts: 2“ and 3“             

KPW – 88 Automatic Surface Rewinder

TECHNICAL DATA                 

Main power supply                                                                                 3 x 380 V 50 Hz + MP + PE
Connection cable:                                                                             5 x 35 mm²
Main fuse :                                                                                              F 12/ 125 AT
Power supply PLC :                                                                               24 Volt DC
Air Connection:                                                                                      1/2", 6 bar
Air consumption :                                                                                   ca. 400 l/Min.
Max. unwind diameter                                           :                                39,37“ / 1000mm
Max. rewind diameter :                                                                          11,8“ / 300mm
Web tension / Bahnzug:                                                                        5 - 50 kg
Ramps :                                                                                                   6 - 15 Sek.
Max. winding speed t:                                                                            1641 ft/min / 500 m/Min.:      
Core dimensions :                                                                                  200mm - 1270mm

The machine is in a good condition and ran most of the time in a single shift.
General maintenance was made monthly by own maintenance staff.
Yearly preventative maintenance performed by Senntech technician.

Price on request.


Ref. No. E-4017
Cut size sheeter model Lenox
Year 1975, overhauled in 2001

A short specification:

- 4 unwinds, diameter 50"
- max. width of mother rolls is 1500 mm.
  Could make 7 packs at a time but they usually make only 5.
- operation speed 120 m/min.

- Wrapping by Wrapmatic,  working from paper sheets!
   Year 1977 but completely overhauled in 2001.
-  operational speed up to 30 packs per minute.
- labeling.

- Boxing start with flat boxes, opened and put upright.
  Pack after pack are pushed in the box, maximum 5.
- Automatic cover feeder and closing.
- Automatic strapping.
- Approx capacity in 8 hours 28.000 kg

The machine can be inspected in operation.
Location: European Union.
We can take care of the installation and the start up.

PRICE: on request


Our Ref. E-4411
Sheeter model STRECKER Simplex 1250

year 1988, modernized in 2011

Max. Working width: 1250 mm
Max format length: 1600 mm
Min format length: 430 mm
Core diameters: 70, 76, 100, 150, 200 mm Max.
Max. roll diameters: 1250 mm
Max. Pile height: 1400 mm
Paper base weight: from 30 g / m² (2 rolls) to 700 g / m²
Cutting accuracy plus / minus 0.2 mm
2 unwinds with the above unwinding shafts
2 further unwinds with unwinding shafts 76 and 150 mm

Except of  the specified tolerances, a maximum format length of 1750 mm is possible.
The machine had been overhauled in 2011:
-  New belts
-  Complete air supply renewed
- Brakes and drive motor overhauled  

Price: on request

Our Ref. No. E-4332

year 1978 but, modernized 2018

- max. web width 2100 mm
- 4 unwinds,
- max. unwind roll diameter 1600 mm,
- max. knife load 1000 g/m²

Price:  on request

The machine can be inspected running.

Ref. No. 4422



- Width max 1.600mm

- Construction N. 30.73053

- Year  : 1980

- Unwind torret:  6+6,

- Max diameter  1400 mm

-Production speed        max 150 mpm

- Substance min e max       50 – 250 gsm; coated and uncoated

-Type of paper : normally double coated and sometime uncoated

-Length range     max 1400 mm; min 600 mm

-Electrical voltage      400V

- Slitter : n.2

- Spare: various + piv

- hard roll of the press with new coating



PRICE: ex works………on request


Ref. No. E-4286-1

Windmoeller &Hoelscher GF 1005

 Web width max. 800 mm
Sheet length max. 650 mm

Year 1975

Material from 18 to 200 gsm

incl 3 inline flexo printing units.
No problem with sheet size 230 x 480 mm.

PRICE: on request

Ref. No. E-4335-1+2
We offer these two nice synchro sheeters FUJIMAKI 2550F-SOLG and DOLG-2R.
In the attachment there are 2 very detailed specifications.
The owners need to empty the space and there are only willing to sell
them together.
As you can understand from the specifications (always page 4) both
have top- and bottom rotating knives, model 2550F-DOLG-2R has even
two sheeting units.
The year is 2007.

Very low price for both machines together: on request

Ref. No. E-4291

SYNCHRO - Rotary Cross Cutter VITS-VARIOCUT Type QRV 0,6 – 1,1 x 1,1 m,

Year 1997  start of operation in 1998:
-Max. Speed                         Up to 400 m/min (without register cut) +/- 0,25 mm Up to 220 m/min (with  register cut) +/- 0,15 mm
-Material                                  70 – 250 g/m2
-Infeed                                     Rotomec single unwinder up to 1’500 mm reel diameter Shaftless roll mounting for core diameter 70, 76, 150, 300 mm Reel width 400 to 1’100 mm
-Infeed web tension                  Automatic via pneumatic dancer roller Web threading (2 rotary current servomotors)
-Cut length                               580 to 1’020 mm, digital register control via servomotor of knife cylinder, up to 200 m/min = +/- 0,15 mm, up to 400 m/min +/- 0,25 mm
-Reel width                               450 to 1’020 mm (360 mm tested, worked), automatic web edge guide control for web edge or printed line rectangularity readjustable
-Edge trim                                Waste suction unit, stripes of 5 to 15 mm
-Gluing table                             Available
-Pressing station                       Available, manually adjustable
-Jam inspection                         With photo cells and light sensors
-Waste removal                         Bonding surface / misprint, removal of test sheet at reduced speed
-Counting stripe feeder              Selectable via control panel  
-Pile height                               Up to 1’200 mm, no nonstop pile change
-Control unit                             16/32-Bit-Microcomputer-System (Micromatik)
-Additional unit                          Ionise unit KERSTEN (Value € 15.000.--)
PRICE: on request

Ref.No. E-3926-1
Paper bag making machine

Model Windmüller&Hölscher EXTRA EX Type DM 521

bag capacity 6000 g
2 colour flexo
max. dimension of bag: width 30 cm
                                         length 46 cm

PRICE: on request

Ref. no. E-4284

 Windmoeller & Hoelscher (perforating type)

Type : Matador S1

Bag width : 50 - 260 mm.

Tube length : 120 – 540 mm.

With 4 colour W&H in-line flexo printer.

With window unit.


PRICE:  loaded on truck in Denmark……on request

Ref: No. E-4059-1
quipment for production of square bottom  paper bags
Model Fischer & Krecke  31BB

year of production                  1977
Paper used                             40 - 140 gsm
Cut length                              200-480 mm
Bag width                              120-220  mm  (120, 150, 175,180,190,210,220)
Photocell                                available
Max speed                             120
1 unwind/rewind

very good condition, can be seen in production

PRICE: on request


Ref. No. E-4229

Slitting- and rewinding machine for cash register rolls

Model Goebel PRACTIKA H3

- 1 unwind with automatic brake

- Working width max. 1.000 mm
- max. paper diameter at unwind 1.000 mm
- inner core diameter of unwind  70 mm or 3"
- rewind shafts (inner diameter of- cores of finished rolls)  12 mm and  1"
- minimum slitting width 17  mm
- edge trim, minimum   3 - 5 mm
- automatic core loader
- automatic cross cut of finished rolls
- automatic tucking of the new rolls
- automatic programmable  meter-setter/counter
- electrical cabinet: Siemens
- warning stripe printing unit
- electric lift for mother roll

Suitable for all papers, e.g. wood free, recycling, thermal papers, etc.

Capacity: cycle time approx. 50 - 60 seconds per log.

Depending of type and length of paper

machine can be seen in operation.

 PRICE: on request

Ref. No. E-4306-4

Goebel Practica H3

Year:             1966
Max Web Width:     1300mm
Max Reel Diameter:     1000mm
Max Roll Diameter:     260mm
Maximum Speed:     120mm (approx.)
Trim Extraction
Manual Clutch
End Marking
Manual Lateral Adjustment
Manual Brake/tension
Manual Lateral Adjustment
Operation Manual
Packing Line, Separator, Knocker & Conveyor

PRICE: on request

Ref. No. E-4306-5

Goebel Practica H3

Year:             1966
Max Web Width:     1300mm
Max Reel Diameter:     1000mm
Max Roll Diameter:     260mm
Maximum Speed:     120mm (approx.)
Trim Extraction
Manual Clutch
End Marking
Manual Lateral Adjustment
Manual Brake/tension
Manual Lateral Adjustment
Operation Manual

PRICE: on request

Ref. No. E-4314

Slitting- and rewinding machine for cash register rolls
Model LEMU

max. web width 1350 mm
max. diameter unwind 1250 mm
core diameter of unwind 70 – 76 mm
max. diameter rewind 400 mm
min. inner core diameter 12 mm
min. slitting width 15 mm
max. speed 300 m/min.
warning stripe printing
equipped with 1 inline flexo units!

PRICE: on request

Our Ref.E-4090
Slitter/rewinder for the production of cash register / ATM rolls The machine had been refurbished during the last months and had been finished just last week.


Max size of rolls feeding 1100 mm
Working width:1020 mm
Diameter of rolls at unwinds 1200 mm

2 unwinds with automatic break
- 1 unwind from left side and
- 2nd from right side.
Electric lift for mother rolls left and right Suction of edge trim waste .
+Max diameter of finished rolls 250 mm
Warning stripe printing unit

Automatic tacking,
Automatic cross cut
Automatic cross gluing
Warning stripe printing unit

The machine can be used  either to produce 2-ply NCR rolls or to convert
2 mother rolls of 420 mm width, which had been pre-printed on a business forms press.

Price:    on request

Our Ref. Nr. E-4419

Fully automatic line for the production
of cash register/ATM rolls:
Cash register rolls slitting and winding machine model SENNTECH KPW 2
made in Switzerland
Year of manufacture: 1993
Integrated in this main body are
– the automatic core loader with circulation of unused cores,
- slitting- and rewinding part,
- exhaust of edge trim incl. blast (ventilator)
- flexo marking unit to indicate roll ends
- automatic cross cutting at roll ends,
- automatic tacking system
- automatic transport of full shaft to the front,
- extract the shaft of the finished log of rolls,
- transport of the log to the sideways connecting point of the conveyor.
Freestanding unwind unit with
- hydraulic lift for mother rolls,
- automatic sideway opening and closing of the chuck of the unwind shafts.
Roll Processing unit, consisting of the devices for
- breaking the log into single rolls,
- putting these rolls in an upright position,
- transport to hammering unit,
- packing line and shrink tunnel, new from year 2014
Complete documentation including electric schedules all accessories,
available spare parts,
shafts 12mm – 25 mm, etc,
all top- and bottom knives, spacers and tools.
The complete line is still in production and in a very good condition.

Price: ex works:.......on request

Our Ref. E-4264-1
Brand new Slitter/Rewinder for the production of printed ATM/Cash Register rolls
Model SPC 1050
Manufactured in EUROPE.


1 unwind with automatic brake
max. paper roll diameter 1200 mm
working width 1050 mm
inner core diameter of unwind: 70 mm or 3”
diameter of rewind shafts 12 mm – 1” (1 set incl.)

Minimum slitting width            17 mm
Minimum width of edge trim 3 – 5 mm

automatic programmable meter setter/counter
printing unit for warning stripe
edge trim exhaust
electric lift for mother roll

Suitable for all papers, e.g. thermal paper to produce ATM rolls
with and also without cores.
Capacity: cycle time depending on length of paper on rolls.
E.g. 50 seconds for a roll of 50 meter.

PRICE:  FCA ………………EUR 39.500,--

Delivery period: 3 months
Warranty period: 6 months on all mechanical parts

with 1 flexo printing unit:   PRICE: …….……EUR 46.500,--

with 2 flexo printing units: PRICE: …………..EUR 53.000,--

Please note:

The machines listed in this LIST are just a few of which are available. If you need a machine, which is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will immediately try to find a machine, which meet your requirements.
 Our full range of supply you will also find on OUR homepage.

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